Surface Drilling Statistics thru 12/31/20

Wells Drilled: 2,133

Footage Drilled: 4,174,047’

Average Well Depth: 1,957’

2016 Avg. hours per well:    36.10
(Spud to spud)

Avg. Move Distance (miles): 15.65

Total Miles Moved: 33,386

The above numbers were compiled using our Rig 4 with a starting date of 3/21/12, Rig 10 with a starting date of 9/25/12, Rig 36 with a start date of 6/25/13 and our Rig 37 with a starting date of 11/3/13.

As you can see from these statistics our rigs and crews are fast, mobile and built for the job of drilling these types of wells. One more thing we need to mention about our rigs is the fact that all of them are set up to run range 3 casing, saving you both time and money.  

Hello and Welcome to the web site of Advanced Energy LLC a nationwide drilling contractor with a specialty in presetting surface casing.  For those of you who are familiar with presetting please check out our drilling statistics to the right for and idea of what we can do.     

For those of you who are exploring the possibility of presetting please check the tab Surface Drilling to find our more about our operations and what we feel are the main reasons for an operator to look into this procedure.

Check out our rig inventories and please contact us to handle all of your presetting needs.

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