Advanced Energy, LLC was formed in April of 2013 by the purchase of Advanced Energy Services LLC. Advanced Energy, LLC is owned by a group of investors who see the potential and are ready to provide the company with resources necessary to grow the business and meet their customer’s needs. The day to day operations are still provided by the previous management team of Advanced Energy Services LLC which was started in October of 2000 by the 3 principals of the company, Gary Provins, Randy Parsons and Jeff Welch. We had all been working for the previous drilling contractor who decided to get out of the drilling business and focus on his production interests. We then bought back some of the equipment from the sale of the contractor and went into business for ourselves. We all have at least 20 years’ experience in the business. Gary is the President; Jeff is the V.P. of operations. Randy left the company for his own pursuits in November of 2011. 

We started out with just 2 drilling rigs and 4 service rigs. Over the past 10 years we have grown to 6 drilling rigs and 19 service rigs. We have the capability to drill wells to 7,000’ vertical and the service equipment to complete the wells after drilling.  

Starting in 1990 we had been drilling in a shallow natural gas field in Michigan by the name of the Antrim Shale. These wells varied in depth from 600’ to 2,500’. We drilled over 2,500 of these wells until the drop in natural gas prices in 2008 when work in this area died. In March of 2012 we brought a rig to the Williston basin to drill surface holes for a new customer (the rig is still working for them today). We took the same technology used in drilling the Antrim wells and translated it into drilling surface holes in the Bakken Shale. We have since discovered that with our great level of expertise in the drilling of these wells we can bring great value to our customers in all regions.  

In January of this year we took a rig to the DJ basin in Colorado and reduced the customers cycle time by 50% and their costs by a similar amount. While the drilling of surface holes is different in all areas we have the ability to translate what we have done in other places and adapt it to each particular area. Our biggest asset to you is that we can provide you with a rig with both quality equipment and experienced, dependable people. 

While our main focus now is the drilling of surface holes we are also one of the largest drilling contractors in the state of Michigan and have extensive drilling experience in the Midwest. Since our inception we have drilled over 3,100 wells in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and North Dakota. We pride ourselves on our directional drilling abilities, in our history we have drilled over 600 directional wells and over 200 horizontal wells with kick-ofpoints from 500’ to 9,000’. We feel that drilling horizontal wells is a specialty of ours. We have the ability to travel anywhere and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to any drilling program. We have a list operator references if you would like to contact some of our current customers.

On the well service side we are able to service wells with depths from 500’ to 13,000’. We have experienced crews and supervision that is second to none. We have serviced over 5,000 different wells in our states of operation and feel we can handle any type of service needs.  

The following is a short resume on the management team of our company.

Gary Provins – President
Gary began as the controller for the company then and then was promoted to the role of president in 2011. He has experience in all areas of the drilling and services business from his former primary responsibilities as controller to contracts and sales work. Prior to AE he was with CHP Energy since its inception in 1984. Before that he was employed as a staff accountant by TD Provins Drilling Company. During these periods he was involved in all aspects of the accounting, computer services and legal aspects involved in contract drilling and services.  

Jeff Welch – Vice President of Operations
Jeff has been the operations supervisor for the company since its inception; his primary responsibilities are all aspects of the drilling and workover rig departments from scheduling to maintenance. Prior to AE he was the workover rig supervisor for CHP Energy for the years 1993 to October of 2002 and was also employed by the company since its inception in 1984. Prior to that he also was employed by TD Provins drilling company. He is acutely familiar and an expert in all aspects of the drilling and completion operation. 

Jerry Wilson – Drilling Superintendent
As drilling superintendent his primary responsibilities are the maintenance and direction of the smaller drilling rigs in the AE fleet. He also has extensive down-hole knowledge and has proved to be invaluable in helping out with drilling problems of all kinds. Prior to joining us other than a short stint as a self-employed contractor he has been employed by CHP Energy Services as a drilling rig foreman since the early 1990’s.

Brian Birdsall – Workover Rig superintendent
Brian has been with us since the early nineties starting out as a hand and working his way up to his current position as a Superintendent. He has extensive downhole knowledge and has rescued many a company from disasters.

Steve Ordway – Safety Director
Safety is the number one priority when we are on a location for a customer. Steve has really helped us ensure that all of our rigs and equipment get regular safety inspections. With over 12 years’ experience in the safety field Steve was a great choice for our safety director.  

We treat our employee’s well and it shows. Our employee’s take pride in their jobs and making the workplace a safe environment for everyone