Today we feel that the best reason for presetting surface casing is that with all of the people out there today looking for ways to blame operators for problems around wells your best defense is a strong surface casing job. Presetting allows more time for cement to cure and lessens your chances of having a problem later. We realize that big rigs have been setting surface casing for years with a minimum of problems, but times are different now, any failure of surface casing causing problems in the area would have a tremendous impact on the oil and gas business not just in that area but across the county. Using a proved dependable company to preset that surface casing offers you the most and best possible protection.

Second is time, think about the time your big rigs spend setting surface casing, not just the time to drill the hole but the time from when you start nippling up your flow line until you begin nippling up your BOP, how much time is that. If your company drills out from surface casing with an oil-based mud product you would have additional time savings (and no risk of contamination) by never having to have your big rig deal with fresh water. Even a minimum savings of 1 day per well would get the maximum efficiency from your big rigs and who’s not looking for more efficiency today. If your company is considering picking up another big rig consider a surface rig, with considerably less people and equipment on location your chances of problems are lowered measurably.

The third bonus of the surface program is that most of our customers have seen an improvement in the cycle time for the drilling of the rest of the well. When you remove the surface portions from the equation most big rigs seem to find more efficiency’s in the drilling of the rest of the well.

Lastly is cost, although I’m sure many people think this should be the #1 reason now. Our current customers all feel as if they are receiving a significant price savings from presetting surface with our rigs vs their big rigs. Todays market requires any and all savings possible, we can help!